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G&W Electric has been a global supplier of electric power equipment since 1905. Our product offerings include overhead and underground distribution switches, Lazer® Automation solutions, reclosers, distribution and transmission cable accessories, and current limiting system protection devices. Our products are designed to the latest industry standards and backed by over 105 years of engineering expertise. The result is time-proven, reliable performance.

We offer much more than just quality products however. Combining cutting-edge design and manufacturing technology with world-class ISO certified quality systems; G&W specializes in custom solutions to meet specific customer requirements. We work with you to make sure you get the equipment you need for your application.  Whether it’s custom engineering or matching another supplier’s components, we’ll make sure it works for you. Our goal is total customer satisfaction.

So whether you are searching for cable terminations and joints, simple manual switching, automation for smart grid applications, or the latest in renewable energy solutions, check out G&W for products Engineered to Order and Built to Last. Welcome to G&W. We look forward to working with you.



Did You Know...

The CLiP can protect wind farms from utility fault currents

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There is a more safe and capable replacement for oil fuse cutouts

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G&W has been serving the Power Industry for over 105 years

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G&W Electric offer solutions for Fire Mitigation 

Environmental factors (e.g., climate change, increased temperatures, dry air and land and high winds) combined with the arcs generated by electric power system equipment significantly increase the risk of wildfire. 

G&W Electric offer solutions for Fire Mitigation that are focused on distribution protection equipment that can be quickly applied to high fire risk areas.

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G&W Electric Announces International Availability of Viper-S Integration with GE’s Multilin R650

Viper®-S recloser solution integrated with GE’s Multilin® R650 advanced recloser control for distribution networks is now available for the international market.  This leading recloser package utilizes G&W’s LaZer® solution to enhance Distribution Automation projects.

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G&W Electric Finalizes Headquarters Expansion

G&W Electric Co., a global supplier of electric power equipment since 1905, has officially completed construction of its second facility in Bolingbrook, IL.  The new building, which is next door to the headquarters on 305 W. Crossroads Parkway, will help increase the company’s manufacturing capacity to meet growing customer demand.

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 Overcurrent Protection: Reclosers Trident switchgear Cable Splices and Cable Joints Current Limiting Protectors


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