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200A switches with current limiting fuses (Fused BURDs)

G&W Circular Tank Style BURD switches can be equipped with dry well fuse canisters that accept general purpose current limiting fuses to provide overcurrent and fault protection.  The switches also feature load break switching capability in a totally sealed, submersible, dead front device. The switches are designed for use on 1, 2, or 3-phase systems with voltages up to 27kV, 160A load break and continuous current, and 20kA asymmetrical momentary and close into fault ratings.  The switches are designed for installation in small circular vaults with switch operators and high voltage connections on top of the tank. 

The switches are designed to IEEE C37.72 and C37.74 for load break capability. 

  • The switch and dry well fuse canisters are completely submersible
  • Available in 1, 2, and 3-phase designs
  • Ideal for installations in small vaults
  • Switches include dry well fuse canisters which can accommodate many general purpose current limiting fuses.
  • Designs with 1 fuse canister per phase or 2 fuse canisters per phase (Parallel Fuse Canisters) are available. Parallel fuse canisters allow a higher continuous current to pass through the switch before the fuse operates.
  • The Fused Switch Information Sheets in the Resources Box provide valuable information on G&W switches equipped with dry well fuse canisters.


Switch ratings

Maximum design voltage

15.5 kV

27 kV

Voltage class

15 kV

25 kV

Impulse level (BIL)

110 kV

125 kV

One minute withstand

35 AC kV

60 AC kV

One minute withstand, production test rating

34 AC kV

40 AC kV

15 minute withstand

53 DC kV

78 DC kV

Continuous and load break current

160 Amps

160 Amps

Momentary current

25.6 kA asym

20 kA asym

Fault close current, (3 times)

25.6 kA asym

20 kA asym

One second short circuit current

16 kA asym

12.5 kA asym

Operations load interrupting endurance (15kV) at 600A



Mechanical endurance, operations




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