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Application Guides

Lazer Automation

Application Product Cat. No
AEP Texas Automatic Source Transfer for Medical Plant Lazer Automation solution utilizing Viper-ST reclosers and SEL-651R controls. AG53
Closed Loop Automation Solution for Ship Locks Lazer Automation solution utilizing padmount PNI switches and SEL-451R controls. AG50
Campus Automated Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration Package Lazer distribution automation package, including padmount switches equipped with relays and RTUs. AG48
Automation Solution for Premium Power Data Center Lazer Automation solution with four 15.5kV, 25kA rated pad mounted switches and SEL relays. AG43
Non-Communicating Automatic Loop Restoration Lazer Distribution Automation Solution including four programmed Viper-ST reclosers. AG40
Commercial Scalable Fault Isolation 4-way Trident-SR Switches with SEL-451 and 751A relays AG36
Industrial Feeder Restoration Padmount Switches with SEL-451 and RTAC, Viper-STs with SEL-651R Relays AG35
Government Agency Bridge Upgrade Vault Style Switches with SEL-351S and Survalent SCADA master station AG34
University Network Upgrade Padmount Switches with SEL-351S and 451 AG33
Military Based Closed Loop Restoration Padmount Switches with SEL-351S Relays AG32
Airport Feeder Restoration Padmount Switches with SEL-451 and 1102 AG30
Residential Automatic Feeder Restoration Viper-ST Reclosers with SEL-651R AG28
Hospital Distributed Automatic Transfer Viper-S Reclosers with SEL-351R AG27
Automatic Fault Isolation TNI Fault Interrupters with SEL-451 and 2100 AG20


SF6 Switches

Application Product Cat. No
Submersible Switchgear G&W Submersible Vault Switchgear AG39
Metal Enclosed Load Interrupter Switch Replacement PNI switches AG31
Automatic Fault Isolation PVI SF6 switches with SEL 501-2 Relay AG20
Ground Fault Protection TNI Switches with SEL-451 AG03
Single Phase Circuit Automation Padmount Vacuum Interrupters AG01
Clearing Time for SF6 Gas Fault Interrupters SF6 Gas Fault Interrupters (NI, FI and VI) TG01


Trident Switches

Application Product Cat. No
Underground Single Phase Protection Vault Single Phase Interrupters AG19
Three Phase Circuit Protection Submersible Switchgear Automation AG17
Three Phase Protection - Oil Fuse Cutout Replacement Solid Dielectric Fault Interrupters AG14


Viper Reclosers




Clearing Time For Viper-ST and Viper-SP Viper-ST and Viper-SP AG47
Clearing Time For Viper-S Viper-S Recloser AG46
Line Current Differential For Overhead Feeder Viper-S Recloser with SEL-311L AG45
Renewable Intertie Viper-S Padmount Recloser AG44
Substation Breaker Replacement Viper-S Overhead with SEL-351R AG22
Low Profile Maintains Clearances Viper-S Overhead with Z modules AG21
Alternative to Air Insulated substations Viper-ST Padmount Reclosers AG18
Fault Protection for Three Phase Motors Viper-ST Overhead Reclosers AG11
Three Phase Protection for Confined Space Applications Viper-S Padmount Reclosers


Paralleling devices between DER and EPS Viper-ST Recloser AG56





Product Cat. No
Diamondback Switches Applied as Sectionalizers Diamondback AG49



Current Limiting Protectors

Application Product Cat. No
Arc Blast Mitigation Current Limiting Protectors ARC
Wind Farm Fault Protection Current Limiting Protectors AG24
Network Protection Current Limiting Protectors AG23


Cable Accessories


Product Cat. No
Underground Cable Transition Project 138kV Transition Joints AG13
Underground Transmission Turnkey 230kV Cable Terminations AG12


Junction Bars

Application Product Cat. No
Padmount Sectionalizing Cabinets Tap/Disconnect System AG15





Product Cat. No
Retrofit on Viper-ST  Accusense Voltage Sensor AG54



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