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ATA/ATL Outdoor Terminations

For self-contained and pipe type cable systems. High voltage ATA/ATL type terminations are designed for single conductor, low and high pressure fluid and gas filled cables on transmission systems rated 69 through 800kV. Terminations are available for indoor, outdoor and equipment applications including horizontal or inverted mounted. For equipment installations the terminations are immersed in fluid.

  • ATA terminations feature the security of high strength, external porcelain insulation and the proven reliability of perforated paper roll stress control. High pressure fluid style ATA-SF terminations utilize a gasketed stainless steel or aluminum body supplied with a stainless steel or copper pipe stub for field welding or brazing to a riser pipe.

Type ATA-N terminations are used to terminate high pressure fluid or gas filled cables. Conventional stress control designs are applicable up to 161kV on cables with nominal pressure ratings of 200 psi and higher. Type ATL-N terminations are used for low pressure, self-contained, fluid filled cables. Conventional stress control designs are applicable up to 161kV for maximum conductor sizes through 3000 kcmil (1500mm2) with nominal pressure ratings of 15 psi and higher. Capacitor graded stress control designs are available for both ATA and ATL style terminations for 230 through 800kV liquid impregnated cables with a 3000 kcmil (1500mm2) maximum conductor size.

Catalog number includes porcelain termination, connector, aerial lug, stress cone and paper roll assembly kit, top corona shield, inner stress control porcelain (for oil filled only), stainless steel body/flange (copper for ATL) and base plate, check-plate and pipe stub assembly (for ATA). Options include valves, high strength designs (up to 400 psi nominal), connectors for aluminum cable, diffusion chambers, and base plate insulators.

Electrical Ratings:

Max.  Voltage
72.5 - 765 kV
BIL Impulse
350 - 2450 kV
Continuous Current
Same as cable
Cable Range
250 - 4000 kcmil
(127 - 2000 mm2
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