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ATL-A-SF GIS Terminations per IEC 859

For self-contained cable systems per IEC 859 Standards. Terminations and termination enclosures for high voltage gas insulated switchgear (GIS) are required in IEC 859 standards to meet specified dimension requirements in order to be interchangeable. To accommodate this requirement, G&W has modified its line of time proven ATL style terminations to meet the dimensional requirements specified in IEC 859 standards.

  • Reliable support insulator – High grade, non-tracking, epoxy insulators provide excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics. The insulators are compatible with SF6 gas by-products, ensuring long life of the termination. The design of the insulators also allows for an optional cable shield break.
  • Field proven stress control – Pre-perforated paper rolls provide gradual stress relief and reduce installation time of the termination. Perforations permit applying the rolls of impregnated paper in a cylindrical form on the cable and tearing the paper at perforations to produce the required contour. The paper roll is computer generated at the factory for the specific cable to provide optimum stress control.
  • Rigid cable support – The connector is locked in position by a threaded hood at the top of the support insulator. The electrical connection between the GIS and termination is not subjected to the mechanical forces from the cable.
  • Positive sealing system – A double “O” ring sealing system is used to seal between the termination oil compartment and the GIS SF6 compartment. Fully retained gaskets are compressed to seal the interior of the termination from the atmosphere.
  • Ease of installation – A kit consisting of a temporary installation support for the paper roll and necessary consumable material facilitate installation. Installation time is significantly reduced using perforated paper rolls; and the construction supervisor can readily determine that all dimensions of cable preparation are in accordance to specifications.
  • Fully Tested - G&W ATL-A-SF terminations are designed and tested in accordance with IEEE 48 for Class 1 terminations, IEC 859 and IEC 141-1.

G&W’s ATL-A-SF style terminations are designed for self contained liquid filled cables up to 4000 kcmil at 115kV and 138kV and approximately 3200 kcmil at 161kV.

Electrical Ratings:

Max. Voltage*
115 - 161 kV
BIL Impulse
550 - 750 kV
Continuous Current
Same as cable
Cable Range
250 - 4000 kcmil
(127 - 2000 mm2)

*Corresponding ratings per IEC are 123kV, 145kV, and 170kV.

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