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Cable Transition Modules (CTM)

G&W EPOX cable transition joints provide an efficient method of connecting extruded cable using separable connectors to 3 conductor, oil filled, paper insulated, lead cable (PILC) for systems rated through 35kV. Various models permit either deadend or feedthrough of the PILC cable. Both 200A and 630A bushing interfaces conform to ANSI/IEEE 386 standards.

  • A positive oil stop prevents migration of oil from the PILC to extruded cable.
  • Rugged epoxy design uses time-proven process to assure a void-free, extremely durable system impervious to environmental contamination.
  • 35kV model available with oil retaining glove for high pressure oil-filled cable.
  • For 15/25kV modules, the system ground shield is accomplished through the stress cone on the PILC cable to the permanently bonded, external semi-conducting coating of the module housing providing a fully shielded system.
  • For 35kV modules, an internal copper band around each interface point is carried through the module housing to the external semi-conducting coating providing a fully shielded system.
  • 200A and 630A bushing interfaces available.
  • Conforms to applicable requirements of ANSI/IEEE 386. Production tests include X-ray, corona, withstand and pressure tests.
  • EPOX® Technology G&W's EPOX technology division specializes in the development and manufacture of polymer insulated solutions for the power utility industry and OEM markets. Product insulation systems include epoxies, thermoplastics and polyurethanes

PILC cable: 3 conductor oil filled, paper insulated from #2 AWG (34mm2) - 1000 kcmil (507mm2). Model available for high pressure oil cable, 35kV only. Connectors available in both a copper solder lug and copper/aluminum spunweld design. Also suitable for use on sectored cables. Extruded cable: Accommodates maximum area size as allowed by elbow connector manufacturer.

Electrical Ratings:


Voltage Class , kV 15 25 35

Voltage Rating, kV


8.3 15.2 21.1

Voltage Rating, kV


14.4 26.3 36.6
BIL Impulse, kV 95 125 200
Continuous Current, A 600 600 600/200*
One Minute AC Withstand, kV 34 40 50
Fifteen Minute DC Withstand, kV 53 78 103
Corona Extinction at 3pc sensitivity, kV 11 19 26

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