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Capnut Terminations

  • Single conductor units in ratings of 15, 25, 34.5, and 46kV for 1/0 to 2000 kcmil cables
  • Three conductor units are rated 15, 25, and 34.5kV for conductor sizes through 1000 kcmil.
  • Used where insulated cables are connected to generators, switchgear, transformers, overhead lines or sectionalizing equipment.
  • Bracket and flange mount models for pole or equipment mounting
  • Accepts any construction of extruded dielectric, paper insulated or armored cable
  • Designed and tested in accordance with IEEE-48, 1975 standards for Class 1 terminations.

Capnut terminations are field assembled. A complete termination kit consists of:

  • Termination body with porcelain insulator
  • Hoodnut connector assembly
  • Entrance fitting
  • Stress cone kit
  • Filling compound
  • Aerial lug

Above listed components may also be ordered separately.

Interchangeable cable entrance fittings are available to match the cable construction. Wiping Sleeve - Wiping sleeves are cast bronze. The conical end is sawed off to fit the cable on the job. Wiping sleeves are furnished untinned. (Add suffix G1 to WS catalog number for tinning.) Stuffing Box - Stuffing box fittings are cast aluminum with an aluminum gland nut, two aluminum washers and four resistoyl gaskets. These may be furnished in bronze if desired. The RS fitting is furnished with one hole factory drilled for one single conductor or one multiple conductor cable. (Please specify the cable diameter). (Add suffix G1 to RS catalog number for bronze fitting).

Connectors and hoodnuts are made from a high grade copper alloy and have a cross sectional area large enough to carry the rated current of the conductor without excessive heating. Locking fins on the connector engage slots in the porcelain to prevent rotation of the connector on the cable when installing the hoodnut. Connector ears rest on the inner shoulder of the porcelain and prevent the fins from becoming wedged in the slots. Thin wall hoodnuts insure maximum current capacity by pressure contact on connector threads when clamped with an aerial lug. Solder type connectors are standard for copper cable. Compression type internal connectors may be furnished for terminating either copper or aluminum conductors.

Copper aerial lugs for clamp, solder and bus connections are available. Lugs can be silver plated or tinned.

Hand taped stress relief cones effectively control electrical stresses in the cable. Various kits consisting of insulating tapes and shielding braids are available depending upon the cable construction and voltage ratings.

Compounds are a high dielectric strength filler material used in terminations, cable heads, cable boxes and cable joints. An ideal compound should be chemically inert, adhesive and tacky; have low melting point to permit flow into all unoccupied space before solidifying, low moisture absorption, low dielectric loss, high dielectric strength and high flash and fire point for personnel safety. The selection of the proper compound for a particular installation depends upon: 1. Cable type and kind of insulation 2. Operating voltage and temperatures 3. Cable system elevation differentials (PILC cable only) Types of Compound NOVOID "A" - a medium soft asphaltic base compound recommended for use in most termination and cable head (switch or box) installations at 38kV or below. NOVOID "C" - a medium hard asphaltic base compound recommended for use in terminations and cable heads for application in hot climates or hot exposure at voltages up to and including 38kV. NOVOID "X" - a hard resin-base, oil insoluable compound recommended for use in terminations, cable heads and joints where migration of the cable-tape impregnant may be a problem. There are temperature limitations. NOVOID #224 - a heavy polybutene base compound recommended for use in terminations, cable heads and joints for polyethylene and EPR insulated cables. NOVOID "9A" - a very soft asphaltic base compound recommended for use in spreaderhead installations up to 38kV where the compound must be very fluid to rise up in lead or copper tubes. The lower part of the spreaderhead may be filled with NOVOID "X" to provide a barrier to help prevent migration of the NOVOID "9A" down into the cable. NOVOID #219 - a medium viscosity oil recommended for use as a "flushing compound" for building cable splices or terminating where such "flushing" is required. It may also be used as a filling compound in terminations and and joints on solid type paper insulated cables where oil filled accessories are desired. OZITE "B" - a medium soft asphaltic base compound recommended for use in terminations or cable heads.

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