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With the ever-increasing demand for electrical energy, electrical systems have been forced to expand and grow. Increased substation capacity, on site and distributed generation all contribute to subsequent increases in available fault currents imposed on equipment. This short-circuit current may exceed the thermal, mechanical and interrupt capability of the system, potentially causing a catastrophic failure. 

G&W’s CLiP®-LV (Current Limiting Protector) is a unique overcurrent protection device that interrupts potentially damaging fault current before the first cycle peak, significantly limiting potential damage. 

The CLiP-LV is an electronically sensed and triggered, commutating form of current limiter, sometimes referred to generically as an Is-Limiter. A built-in current transformer (CT) provides real time current values to the internal electronics. The CLiP-LV has a field adjustable instantaneous pickup setting referred to as the trigger level. If the current exceeds the user-defined trigger level, a signal is sent by the firing logic to interrupt the current. A continuous copper busbar path carries the continuous current, which is opened during overcurrent conditions, while a parallel connected current-limiting fuse interrupts the fault.

Arc Flash Mitigation

An arc flash typically occurs when fault current travels through air from one conductor to another or to ground. The energy generated by the flash can cause significant equipment damage and/or serious injury. There are several mitigation methods.  For personnel protection, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is often used, but the best method is to minimize or eliminate the problem altogether, by using the CLiP-LV to reduce the fault current and time duration. 


Overdutied Equipment Protection

When the available fault current increases due to the addition of cogeneration, the higher fault current can exceed the withstand ratings of the existing equipment and in the event of a fault, severe damage can occur.  Upgrading entire facilities is often cost prohibitive.  The CLiP-LV can be used to eliminate the need to replace underrated equipment.  The CLiP-LV will interrupt the fault current passing through it before the first peak current is reached, significantly reducing the peak let-thru current and interrupting duty to a value within the ratings of the equipment.


Minimize Damage

Even if equipment is rated properly to withstand the available fault duty, the let through energy of a fault may still result in costly damage.  Traditional equipment such as relays, circuit breakers and current-limiting reactors are far less effective at preventing this from occuring.  At lower continuous currents, current-limiting fuses prevent this damage. At higher continuous currents the CLiP-LV provides effective current-limiting performance of a much lower rated fuse, but with electronically controlled operation.

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