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Company Profile


Since 1905, G&W Electric has helped power the world with innovative power systems solutions and products. With the introduction of the first disconnectable cable terminating device in the early 1900s, G&W began to build a reputation for engineering creative solutions to meet the needs of systems designers. Solutions which today have extended far beyond cable accessory products and into the latest in solid dielectric and SF6 insulated switchgear, solid dielectric insulated reclosers, system protection equipment, distribution automation solutions, and distribution and transmission cable accessories.

G&W product lines are backed by extensive design and production testing in accordance with and often exceeding industry standards. Even more important is the proven performance and assured reliability that only comes over time. G&W products have been proving themselves for many decades. Whether part of a major project requiring a different approach, to more convenient tried and true methods, G&W can work as part of the project team from initial concept planning through final implementation.

Today's G&W combines extensive research and development with ISO 9001 certified quality systems in both its manufacturing and design process. Add to this the latest in manufacturing equipment, an extensive global sales organization and experienced customer response teams and you have a powerful resource. One which is ready to work with you on your specific system requirements. G&W's headquarter operations is a testament to the company's commitment to quality. Located in Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA, the plant covers over 371,000 square feet and represents a showplace of modern engineering, manufacturing and marketing technology. G&W's headquarters in Bolingbrook, IL is also LEED certified Gold. 

With an ever present commitment to customer satisfaction, G&W enjoys a worldwide reputation for quality products and superior service. It is this commitment which has kept us ahead of a changing industry and one which will allow us to power the world for many years to come.

For More Information

The products covered in this web site represent an overview of the company's capabilities and line of standard products. Keep in mind as you review this information, however, that the G&W tradition of specialized service is as applicable today as when the company first started. If specific application requirements cannot be met by the standard products in this site, contact your nearest G&W representative or corporate headquarters.

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