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G&W Culture



Safety Policy
The management of G&W Electric holds in high regard the safety, welfare, and health of its employees. We believe that safety and health are a shared responsibility. Everyone must take ownership for his or her own safety and that of their co-workers.

It’s our primary goal to eliminate or control both known and potential safety and health hazards. This requires the interest,
cooperation, and dedication of every employee.
As a condition of employment, each employee must consistently work in a safe manner, according to all federal, state, and company safety regulations.


Environmental Policy
We are committed to conducting our business process in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.
We will continually improve our activities, products and services to prevent pollution, reduce waste and protect our environment.


Quality Policy
We will provide defect-free products and services on time for our customers and each other. We will require the same from our suppliers.
We will fully understand the requirements of our jobs and are committed to doing it right the first time as a way of life.
We will continually improve our processes, products, and services to optimize our efficiency and effectiveness. 
G&W Electric Company is committed to conducting its business free from any corrupt practices. To help ensure that we understand our legal and ethical obligations in the context of anti-bribery, G&W has designed and implemented this policy. 
As G&W Electric Company (G&W) continuous to grow and expand into new markets, we are committed to ethical conduct and legal compliance in our operations in the United States and around the world. G&W is committed to doing business ethically, and with integrity.

G&W has developed this Code of Conduct to express our values, commitment to ethics and compliance with applicable laws. Your compliance with this Code and all of G&W's other policies will help us fulfill our pursuit of excellence and honesty. 

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