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EPOX® Junction Bars

G&W junction bars provide an extremely compact, versatile solution for loop, tap, grounding, testing or sectionalizing applications through 35kV, 630A. Padmount, vault and subsurface designs are available.

  • Customizing Capability – G&W specializes in custom solutions to meet the ever changing needs of it’s customers. Contact your G&W representative with specific application requirements.
  • Application Versatility – G&W EPOX junction bars accommodate up to 6 point configurations with any combination of 200A or 630A interfaces for either load break or dead break elbows. The junctions can eliminate or minimize the requirement for stacking 200A taps on 600A elbows and provide an ideal solution for confined space installations. The flexible design permits integrating interface points for grounding or testing the circuit while minimizing the movement of cables. Junction points can also be used for arrester locations.
  • Rugged construction using EPOX technology – G&W junction bars utilize time-proven EPOX technology to assure a void-free, extremely durable system imperious to environmental contamination. The rugged epoxy interfaces minimize the breaking force required for removing separable connectors compared to rubber-to-rubber junctions. The epoxy system provides excellent mechanical and electrical properties, excellent fracture toughness, and outstanding thermal endurance. A permanently bonded, external semi-conducting coating provides a fully shielded, dead front system. Copper buswork provides maximum conductivity. Silicone bronze studs assure high strength connection points.
  • Mounting Flexibility – An optional stainless steel mounting bracket with tilt feature helps facilitate the most ideal mounting configuration where cable training is a concern. Parking stands are available and can be rotated to match a vertical or horizontal configuration. A retaining plate with “U” straps is available for padmount enclosure installations.
  • Tested Reliability – G&W junction bars are designed and tested to applicable sections of IEEE 386 standards. Production tests include X-ray, corona and AC withstand.

Electrical Ratings:

Max. Voltage, kV 15 25 35
BIL Impulse, kV 95 125 150
Continuous, A 200 / 600 200 / 600 200 / 600
Corona Extinction, kV 11 19 26

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