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Master Station Solution

G&W’s master station solution uses Survalent Technology’s DMS / SCADA system coupled with intelligent switchgear and reclosers to provide the ultimate in power distribution automation capabilities.  It consists of a set of tools that allow distribution operators monitor, control, coordinate, automatically restore, and verify results for parts or all of a distribution system in real time.  This solution leads to the following benefits for any operator of a distribution network:

  • Increase reliability
  • Reduced losses
  • Improved cash flow
  • Lower restoration time
  • Reduced equipment damage
  • Improved operational planning 

These benefits come from the accessibility of system information coupled with one of the most advanced fault detection and isolation (FDIR) algorithm in the industry.   This algorithm is at the heart of the Lazer Automation master station automatic restoration solution.  It operates in the following sequence:

  •  Determine the location of the fault
  • Analyze the loads on faulted sections
  • Compare the loads to the capacity of the potential sources available
  • Automatically reconfigure the network to match the restored loads with the source(s) with the most capacity.
  • Confirm and record all operations

This algorithm can be operated in manual mode, semi-automatic (approval required to reconfigure), or fully automatic.  Individual devices and line sections can be disabled so they are taken out of the restoration scheme for safety during repairs or upgrades.   

The G&W Lazer Automation master station with Survalent software provides the ultimate Smart Grid solution.  It offers the following additional features and options beyond fault restoration and isolation.

  • The most user friendly interface in the industry
  • An operator training simulator to test system response without affecting the system
  • Options for full SCADA, AMI, outage management applications, and more
  • Advanced applications such as volt / VAR control, load flow, and short circuit analysis
  • Extensive report and data management portfolio including an advanced loss analysis reporting system


See Survalent Technology’s website for more detail.

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