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Press Release

Lazer™ Automatic Power Restoration System

March 1, 2008

G&W Electric, Blue Island, IL introduces a pre-engineered control package that works in conjunction with power distribution switchgear to perform automatic switching operations on overhead and underground distribution circuits. Tradenamed Lazer, the solution consists of a protection and control package that features one or more protective relays (SEL type or others), equipped with distributed capabilities and peer-to-peer communication, to make intelligent operating decisions and to monitor field conditions. The Lazer focuses on critical load installations to maximize service reliability.

G&W’s Lazer automation system specifically addresses fault detection, isolation and restoration (FDIR) requirements. The system provides local intelligence through the controls located at the switching device locations. When a fault is sensed, the Lazer controls continuously communicate with each other to issue open and close commands to switching devices within their zone in the most efficient sequence to quickly isolate the fault and restore power. The Lazer is ideal for smaller, stand-alone distribution systems and campus environments. It does not require a master station. Other Lazer solutions are available for larger, more complex system requirements.

G&W is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14000:2004 certified global supplier of SF6 gas and solid dielectric switchgear; reclosers; distribution automation solutions; distribution and transmission cable terminations and joints; and current limiting protectors through 38kV, 5000A continuous.

Get more information on Lazer here

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