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Press Release

G&W Premolded Rubber Joints through 230kV

March 1, 2006

Transmission 145kV - 245kV Premolded, Dry Type Joints

G&W's Python® premolded joints utilize state-of-the-art mechanical shrink technology, offering maximum reliability with extreme ease of installation. G&W has been a leading supplier of innovative underground cable accessory solutions since it was founded in 1905. With installations and sales representation worldwide, today's G&W continues to offer the latest technology products with world-class, time-proven performance.


Premolded with built-in stress control- Electrical stress control is premolded into the joint using state-of-the-art equipment. The proprietary manufacturing process uses a specially formulated silicone rubber offering superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

Tested reliability- Each joint is fully tested at the factory to insure superior performance and reliability.

Mechanical shrink technology- The one piece, silicone rubber joint is formed around a prefabricated plastic core which keeps the unit expanded as it is positioned over the cable. After the cable is prepared, the joint is easily installed by simply pulling the core tab until the joint completely conforms around the cable. No special skills or tools required.

ISO registered- G&W is ISO 9001/2000 registered for its quality systems.

Single source supplier- G&W offers a wide variety of terminations and joints for all types of cable construction through 500kV.

Ease of Installation

The joints are supplied on an expanded core tube for maximum ease of installation. The mechanical shrink design allows easy positioning on the cable. After the cable conductors are connected, the joint is moved into place. As the core tube is removed, the joint shrinks down directly onto the cable. The mechanical "memory" of the specially formulated silicone rubber provides the proper interface pressure with the cable. There are no special installation tools or winches required. This eliminates difficult and time consuming sliding, parking and storing steps from the installation process. In addition, the pull core assembly results in a struggle-free installation, eliminating the possibility of damage or abuse to the joint body during installation.

Cable Types

For extuded dielectric cables (XLPE and EPR), 240mm2-2500mm2 (500kcmil-5000kcmil) including tape/ wire shielded, corrugated aluminum, lead sheathed construction with copper or aluminum conductors.

Design Testing
Tested to IEC 60840, 62067 and IEEE 404

Standard Components

  • Premolded joint body with built-in stress control
  • Crimp type connector
  • Heat shrink outer jacket
  • Cable preparation kit
  • Tinned copper braid


  • Copper housing with sealing kit
  • Fiberglass housing with sealing kit
  • Shield break to facilitate grounding or cross bonding

Get more information on Python premolded rubber transmission joints here

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