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Press Release

G&W Viper-S Solid Dielectric Reclosers RUS Accepted

October 1, 2004

G&W Electric Company, Blue Island, IL, has received RUS acceptance of their line of electronically controlled, automatic, three phase, solid dielectric vacuum reclosers. Tradenamed Viper-S™ Solid Dielectric Vacuum Reclosers, the lightweight units are rated through 38kV, 630A, 12.5kA symmetrical interrupting and provide bushings out the front and top of the recloser tank for a very compact solution. Other features include time proven EPOX solid insulation; maintenance-free operation; latest technology magnetic actuator for reliable performance; manual open and lockout handle; and the ability to work directly with the popular Schweitzer SEL-351R control.

G&W is an ISO 9001:2008 certified global supplier of SF6 gas and solid dielectric load and fault interrupting switchgear; automatic transfer and distribution automation control packages; distribution and transmission cable terminations and joints; and current limiting protectors through 38kV, 5000A continuous.

Get more information on Viper-S here

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