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Press Release

Lazer® Provides One-stop Shopping for User's Power System Automation Needs

September 1, 2011

G&W Electric and Survalent Technology, with locations around the world, are pleased to announce a comprehensive automation solution.  Lazer® Power System Automation incorporates the Survalent SmartVUTM Utility Data Management System with G&W Electric hardware and control solutions to offer users the ability to monitor, evaluate, and reconfigure their system providing increased reliability, data analysis, reporting, and improved efficiencies.  Regardless of whether the user is looking to upgrade their system, track performance, or improve reliability indices and power quality; Lazer® can be customized to meet even the most complex needs. 

Lazer® addresses system reconfiguration and can be used for system improvements such as Volt/Var control, power factor control, system event reporting, and command sequencing.  The system consists of tools that allow distribution operators to monitor, control, coordinate, automatically restore, and verify results for parts or all of a distribution system in real time. This solution leads to a variety of benefits including Increased Reliability, Reduced Losses, Improved Cash Flow, Lower Restoration Times, Reduced Equipment Damage, and Improved Operational Planning.  The Lazer® solution can be applied as a full system control for Conservation Voltage Reduction or on a single feeder as a local control utilizing Fault Detection, Isolation, and Restoration or Voltage Loss Programming.

Lazer®provides the ultimate Smart Grid solutionfor critical load installations.  It offers the following additional features and options beyond fault isolation and restoration.

  • The most user friendly interface in the industry
  • An operator training simulator to test system response without affecting the system
  • Options for full SCADA, AMI, outage management applications, and more
  • Advanced applications such as predictive maintenance, load flow, and short circuit analysis
  • Extensive report and data management portfolio including an advanced loss analysis reporting system
  • Four redundant server disaster recovery plan that uses hot standby syncing rather than sequential updates
  • Improved Operator Safety with IED faceplate status and Control Panels
  • Expedited set-up of new controls with the IED Wizard
  • Model Based system Analysis and Reconfiguration
  • Multispeak®Compliant
  • Open Hardware and Communication Platform for integration of existing software and IEDs
  • Integrate and monitor Renewable Energy Sources

G&W Electric and Survalent Technology are ISO9001:2008 certified.  This ensures the project will proceed with minimal unforeseen problems and eliminates the costly trial and error approaches used by companies who do not integrate quality control into their overall project development from start to finish.Add to this the latest in manufacturing equipment, an extensive global sales organization and experienced customer response teams and you have a powerful resource available.

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