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Press Release

G&W Electric and Survalent Technology Join Forces on a New, Versatile Automation Solution

January 1, 2012

G&W Electric and Survalent Technology have combined their expertise in providing automation solutions to develop a comprehensive solution offering users the ability to monitor, evaluate, and reconfigure their system providing increased reliability, data analysis, reporting, and improved efficiencies.  The automation solution can be used for SCADA management, FDIR, smart grid, load flow management and more. 

This extension to their Lazer® line of automation solutions can be customized to meet the most complex system requirements.  The system consists of tools that allow distribution operators to monitor, control, coordinate, automatically restore, and verify results for systems in real time.  Lazer offers many benefits including increased reliability, reduced losses, improved cash flow, lower restoration times, reduced equipment damage, and improved operational planning.  All backed by a comprehensive performance guarantee.

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