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Press Release

G&W Adds Six Internal Voltage Sensors to Their Viper-S Recloser

February 1, 2012

G&W Electric Company, Bolingbrook, IL, has recently added the capability of incorporating six integral voltage sensors to its Viper-S recloser line.  This feature was previously introduced on the company’s Viper-ST models.  Six internal voltage sensors permits voltage measurement on both the line and load sides of the recloserwhich is especially important to customers working on any type of distribution automation project including FDIR, automatic transfer, distributed generation and open bus-tie breakers.

Six voltage sensing is accomplished through capacitive voltage dividers embedded in the solid epoxy insulation of each phase of the recloser.  Having both the current and voltage sensors built into the epoxy module protects them from environmental damage or contamination and makes for a cleaner, less cluttered installation.  Other manufacturers must use expensive, external add-on sensors or potential transformers to accomplish the same functionality which can significantly increase installation costs and result in a much more congested appearance.  Available through 38kV, 800A, 12.5kA symmetrical interrupting, the Viper-S reclosers are designed to work directly with Schweitzer’s SEL651-R control.

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