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Press Release

G&W Viper Recloser Enhancements

June 1, 2011

G&W Electric Company, Blue Island, IL, has incorporated a number of product enhancements to their Viper Series line of single phase and three phase solid dielectric reclosers.  Rated through 38kV, 800A, 12.5kA symmetrical interrupting, Viper reclosers are designed to work directly with various styles of controls including Schweitzer and GE. Product enhancements include:

  • A mechanical interlock prohibiting inadvertent operation from the control or other remote source
  • An option to provide six integral voltage sensors permitting voltage measurement on both the load and source side of each phase
  • Site-ready designs providing mounting brackets and lightning arresters preassembled to the recloser reducing installation time and cost

Viper reclosers are available for overhead, substation and padmount applications.  They are RUS accepted.

G&W is an ISO 9001:2008 registered global supplier of load and fault interrupting switchgear; reclosers, automatic transfer and distribution automation control packages; distribution and transmission cable terminations and joints; and current limiting protectors through 38kV, 5000A continuous.


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