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Join John Mueller, G&W Owner and Chairman, and Steve Mueller, Survalent President, to discuss the effects of distribution automation protecting the grid against the unknown.

At a large floating production storage and offloading unit (FPSO), managers have found a way to protect workers and equipment from electrical arc flash and reduce the risk of downtime.

View from the Top- John H. Mueller, Chairman, CEO, and Principal Owner of G&W Electric Company

Co-ops see positive results in swapping old hydraulic units for modern devices.

At the end of 2011, to prepare for the Energy Infrastructure and Modernization Act passed by the Illinois General Assembly, ComEd initiated a pilot project to evaluate the addition of a newer generation of loop-scheme reclosers to its installed base of approximately 1,600 12-kV reclosers. For the pilot, ComEd chose G&W Electric’s Viper-ST reclosers fitted with SEL-651R1 recloser controls.

A significant station improvement was the addition of the G&W current limiting protectors, or CLiP fuses, which replaced the distribution feeder reactors.

G&W Electric Co. has introduced the Trident-S with SafeVu technology. This device combines an integral visible break feature with maintenance free solid dielectric insulation.

G&W Electric supplies switchgear, reclosers, and cable accessories to the major utilities affected by Hurricane Sandy.

G&W Electric Co. recently became the first recipient of a new Product Certificate presented by the high-voltage test facility, KEMA Laboratory in the Netherlands.

G&W Electric Co. introduces the Trident-S with SafeVu technology.

By: Cindy Wojdyla Cain

G&W Electric Moves to Bolingbrook by: Cindy Wojdyla Cain

City of St. Charles delivers a local distribution center to solve capacity and reliability issues. By: Glynn Amburgey and Thomas Bruhl, City of St. Charles From T&D magazine, March 2012
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