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PILC Splice Kits

For cable systems through 35 kV. Splice kits are available for many 1/C and 3/C extruded dielectric and paper insulated lead cables up to 34.5kV with conductor sizes from #2 AWG to 2000 kcmil (35mm2– 1000mm2). The kits are conveniently packaged and shipped complete with the correct grade material required for making the splice. Protective splice boxes and insulating sleeves are available.

Splice kit for rubber, polyethylene or EPR, jacketed cables:

  1. Special cement – for use with Nozone and neoprene tape.
  2. P&B paint – for sealing entire splice.
  3. Cotton tape – for cleaning, tying and temporary lashing.
  4. 4. Neoprene tape – for forming a jacket over splice.
  5. Nozone tape – for insulating the splice.
  6. Solder (50/50) – for connectors.
  7. Friction tape – for protecting insulation.
  8. Flux paste – for soldering flux.
  9. Cover tape – for overall submersible protection.
  10. Tinned shielding braid – for shielding the joint.
  11. Sandpaper – for preparing cemented surfaces.
  12. Wood spatula – for applying cement.
  13. Split copper connectors – for joining conductors.
  14. Ground braid – for grounding the shielding.

Splice kit for paper or varnished cambric insulated, lead covered cables:

  1. Lead sleeve – for housing and sealing splice.
  2. #222 Novoid X or #223 Ozite B compound – for filling lead sleeve.
  3. Dry cotton tape - for cleaning connectors, protecting and securing cable insulation and for temporary lashing.
  4. Saturated flax twine – for temporarily securing factory applied insulation and shielding.
  5. Solder (40/60) – for soldering connector and making wipes.
  6. Stearine candle – for soldering flux.
  7. Varnished cambric tapes – for insulating joints.
  8. Paper pasters – for limiting the wipes.
  9. Solder (50/50) – for filling lead sleeve holes and miscellaneous purposes.
  10. Tinned shielding braid – for shielding the joint.
  11. Split tinned copper connectors – for joining conductors.
  12. Saturated webbing – for binding together the completely insulated and shielded conductors.
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