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G&W Product Overview

G&W supplies a wide variety of transmission and distribution products as indicated below. Our products utilize the latest technology and are custom built around specific customer requirements. Product categories include:

  • Automation
    • Provides a variety of pre-engineered automation solutions from simple automatic transfer schemes, to automatic power restoration, to more complex SCADA/master station configurations.   G&W specializes in matching field switching devices with the most compatible controls and components for the application.  Complete systems are provided, fully integrated and fully tested as a system prior to shipment.
  • Underground Distribution Switches
    • Provides load and fault interrupting switching. Includes designs for padmount, subsurface, and dry or submersible vaults using either SF6 gas or solid dielectric epoxy insulation. Manual, remote controlled or fully automated models with a wide variety of options are available.
  • Overhead Distribution Switches
    • Provides load break switching without the environmental concerns associated with air insulated load break switches. Manual, remote controlled or fully automated models with a wide variety of options are available.
  • Reclosers
    • Provides single phase or three phase overcurrent protection. Various models are available using Schweitzer’s SEL351R, SEL651R or Kestrel controls. Exclusive features include a mechanical block and on three phase models, built-in voltage sensing for both the load and line side of reclosers.
  • Distribution &Transmission Cable Accessories
    • Provides connection of overhead to underground cables or joining of underground cable sections. Terminations are available for most cable constructions through 765kV. Joints are available through 245kV.
  • Current Limiting System Protection
    • Provides current limiting, overcurrent protection on distribution systems requiring a high continuous current (up to 5000A) and high interrupting capability (up to 120kA rms symmetrical).

All products are engineered to order and built to last. If the products listed in this website do not match your particular needs, please consult your nearest G&W representative.

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