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Slip-on® Terminations

PAT Style Slip-on terminations are quality, factory assembled cable terminations designed for ease of installation and adaptability to a wide range of cable types and sizes. Slip-on’s incorporate a built-in stress relief device and are prefilled at the factory with an exclusive insulating dielectric which eliminates the need for field pouring of hot compounds.

  • Maximum external insulation — Porcelain is the industry standard for providing maximum insulation that is unaffected by weathering elements. Slip-on terminators utilize a high strength, non-tracking, wet process porcelain with excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics. Sky gray in color with glazed surfaces, the porcelain resists contamination buildup and permits self-cleaning during normal rainfall. A deep draw, corrugated skirt design provides the necessary creepage and strike distances and permits installation in either upright or inverted positions, indoors and out.
  • Built-in stress control — Factory installed, internal stress relief devices provide effective electrical stress relief without having to build a taped stress cone on the cable. The terminators are factory filled with an exclusively formulated insulating material which eliminates the need for heating and pouring of hot compounds in the field.
  • Versatility — Slip-on terminators will accept a wide range of cable diameters and accommodate minor variations in cable shape. This is accomplished by an extremely flexible silicone rubber diaphragm seal used at the cable entrance of the terminator. The rubber diaphragm provides a positive, continuous seal with the cable during installation and maintains its integrity throughout the service life of the terminator.
  • Ease of installation — After cable preparation, simply insert the cable into the terminator and attach the ground and aerial connections. Cable centering plugs are used to guide small size cables into the terminator. Various connectors, aerial lugs and mounting brackets are available.

Slip-on terminators are designed for single conductor, polyethylene insulated, concentric neutral URD cables on distribution systems through 46kV. Adapter kits are available permitting termination of shielded, jacketed cables having rubber or polyethylene insulation and paper or varnished cambric insulated, lead sheath cables. All terminators are applicable to both copper and aluminum conductor cables and are available for either bracket or flange mounting.

Extruded dielectric, concentric neutral, jacketed or unjacketed. Extruded dielectric, shielded, jacketed including Unishield, wire and tape shielded Extruded dielectric, shielded, lead jacketed. Paper or varnished cambric, lead jacketed.

Max. Voltage
15 - 46 kV
BIL Impulse
110 - 250 kV
Continuous Current
Same as cable
Cable Range
#4AWG - 1500 kcmil
(25 - 750 mm2)
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