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TJNT140 Transition Joints

For joining oil filled cable to extruded dielectric cable systems through 145 kV. G&W's type TJNT140 joints are ideal for direct buried or enclosed vault applications. The joints utilize precision prefabricated components offering many advantages over conventional tape and other joint designs. Joints are designed and tested in accordance with applicable sections of IEC 840 and IEEE 404. Designs include transition joints for low pressure fluid filled (LPFF) and high pressure fluid filled (HPFF) cable.

  • Third party tested per applicable requirements of IEEE 404 and IEC 60840.
  • More economical than replacing entire cable runs with modern extruded dielectric cable.
  • Allows phase-in of extruded dielectric cable over several months or years.
  • Ability to terminate oil cable and extruded cable side independently.
  • Available with fiberglass enclosure and filling compound.
  • Disconnectable, permitting easier future replacement of oil cable with extruded cable without cutting connectors or pulling additional cable.
  • Suitable for vault or direct burial applications.

Low pressure, self contained oil filled cables (116 psi) to extruded dielectric (XLPE or EPR) cables. High pressure, pipe type (400 psi) cables to extruded dielectric (XLPE or EPR) cables.

Electrical Ratings:

Max. Voltage
145 kV
BIL Impulse
650 kV
Continuous Current
Same as cable
Cable Range
250 - 4000 kcmil
(127 - 2000 mm2


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