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Underground Distribution: Padmount Style Switchgear

G&W offers a wide variety of padmount distribution switches for underground systems rated 15.5 through 38kV, 900A continuous current. Padmount switches incorporate tamper-resistant enclosures offering either front access, front/back access or front/back/side access to cables connections and operating apparatus. Enclosures are made of 1/4” mild steel with a special galvaneal finish to maximize corrosion resistance. Access doors incorporate recessed handles with pentahead locking mechanisms to prohibit unauthorized entry. For most switches, the enclosures are removable in the field in case replacement is required.

Padmount high voltage switchgear is available in either SF6 gas or solid dielectric insulation. SF6 switchgear has been time proven for over 40 years while solid dielectric insulation is the industry’s latest switching insulation technology introduced by G&W over 10 years ago. Padmount switches can be operated either manually or through various distribution automation packages. Whether the application involves load break switches, line sectionalizing, fault interruption or distribution automation, G&W can provide a quality solution for your particular application.

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